Welcome from the Director

Ryan Carlinpolitical science

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Center for Human Rights and Democracy!

Struggles for human rights and democracy define some of the most pressing local and global problems–democracy’s expansion, the international criminal court’s growing strength, searches for truth about past injustices, voting rights, human trafficking, trials of tyrants and perpetrators of genocide. These problems stir passionate debates on all sides.

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy at Georgia State University is at the center of such contemporary debates, critically engaging them through innovative teaching and research that blends theory with practice.

Center affiliates come from across the university: African-American Studies, English, Global Studies Institute, Institute for Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Geosciences, Law, Neuroscience Institute, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Management and Policy, Psychology, the University Library, and World Languages and Cultures.

We collaborate with students, community groups, NGOs, and scholars from around the world to speak with a unique interdisciplinary voice to essential imperatives of human rights and democracy.

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy supports two academic programs at the undergraduate level. Within the BIS Major in Global Studies, it offers courses in the Thematic Concentration on Human Rights and Democracy. More broadly, it offers a BIS Minor in Human Rights and Democracy that is compatible with a range of majors (scheduled for Fall 2016).

Please continue to visit our site to stay abreast of upcoming events, new research, and information on our academic programs. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an inquiries about the Center or how we can work with you to promote democracy and human rights.


Ryan E. Carlin